Software Engineering

top technologists helping businesses succeed through strategic consulting, support and staff augmentation services.

About Us

We are a boutique software engineering consultancy firm based in Costa Rica offering a variety of services to help your company build and sustain products, services and infrastructure.

Cortical Touch can help you augment your staff quickly with qualified developers and tech leads.

Our developer network is highly specialized in JavaScript Applications using ReactNative, React Web, AngularJS, Ionic, VueJS, Node.js, Express, Hapi and more. Our second strongest profile is SysAdmin and Cloud engineers specialized in AWS, DevOps Automation and Network Security.

Our consultation service can give you perspective on the state of your architecture and give you actionable advice. .

Our Services

Engineering Leadership

We manage the engineering team for you. It can be your team or our team through our staff augmentation service. Scrum masters and hands-on technical leaders will help your team bring your ideas to life at competitive pace, adopt cutting-edge technologies and methodologies and establish a strong agile engineering culture.

Staff Augmentation

Our team augmentation service can help you achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market. Our technical experience accelerates the quality and speed of development avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development. Our talent pool is rigorously curated.

Custom Software Development

We offer custom development of fast, reliable and scalable web and mobile applications, APIs and Real-Time Data Systems. Technology specialists will help you architect, design, build, and deploy your applications.

Software Architecture Consulting

We can assist you during the full lifecycle of software applications: design, development, deployment and maintenance; Helping you drive down costs and gain new efficiencies by tackling unnecessary redundancy and complexity.

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